Finally made into GSoC'20

Written on May 8, 2020 - Tech - Post a comment below

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Hello everyone, I am Deepak Kumar a 3rd-year undergraduate student pursuing B.E in Information Technology from India.

I am happy to share that I have finally cracked Google Summer of Code this year. My project titled “Adding Multiple Datasets to several Activities” has been selected by KDE GCompris organization.

I have been contributing to the GCompris project from the past year. The day when I started contributing to GCompris I was new to open-source. GCompris was the first organization I started to contribute in the field of open-source. I took up the basic issues initially and gradually when I was enough comfortable with the codebase I worked on resolving many issues, adding features to this awesome project. I have also completed Season of KDE 2020 on which I have worked on implementing multiple datasets to few activities. I think that the main reason for the selection of my application would be that I am well familiar with the codebase, implemented multiple datasets to a few activities, community involvement and an active contributor for this project.

Coming to my project on which I will be working during the GSoC period. I will be working to add multiple datasets to several memory activities, guess-count activity and mirror the given image activity.

I am thankful to all of my mentors for this opportunity and the help and support I have got with all of them as a contributor.

Looking forward to great summer ahead with a lot of learning :)

Deepak Kumar