GSoC'20 Community Bonding Period

Written on May 15, 2020 - Tech - Post a comment below

Hey everyone,

Hope you all are safe and doing great. It’s been about 2 weeks since the GSoC results were announced and I got selected for the GCompris project. I have written a previous blog in which I have mentioned all about my projects and my contribution to the community.

In this blog, I am going to write what I have done so far.

As currently, the GSoC community bonding period is going on. I have interacted with my mentors about the design of the datasets which I am going to implement for the memory activities. As I am going to implement multiple datasets to about 11 activities so I have created a separate task on the phabricator for each of them. I have also finalized the description of the multiple datasets of few activities as Enumeration memory game Activity, Addition memory game activity, Subtraction memory game activity, and the Multiplication memory game activity. The main goal of all the memory game activities is to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. To make the Enumeration memory game more rich I also planned to add configurations to choose between different quantity representations as choose between dots, numbers, dices, etc.

I will be updating my progress regularly through blogs.