Google Summer of Code - Week 2 and 3

Written on June 22, 2020 - Tech - Post a comment below

Hello everyone, In the last blog, I wrote about the wrapping of the community bonding period. In this blog, I would write about what I have completed till now as in the coding period.

As my project was to implement multiple datasets for several activities. I started my work with the Enumeration Memory games activity. As there are a total of 20 memory activities so all other memory activities share the common code between them. Out of which in a few of the activities no multiple datasets needs to be implemented. I modified the common memory code to load the multiple datasets and the default dataset as used by some of the activities in which no multiple datasets need to be implemented. After that, I successfully implemented multiple datasets to enumeration memory games activity.

I also modified the code a bit in memory.js to support the display of levels with two images too. I tested the memory activities manually and also got it tested by my younger sister after making any changes to the code to make sure that there’s no regression and it doesn’t break anything. I have also maintained a framacalc sheet table to update all about the code modifications, mark the regressions if there’s any, how I have fixed the regression, and the testing I have done after any modifications.

I have also implemented multiple datasets to subtraction memory activity which is completed and all good. Apart from this, I have also implemented multiple datasets to addition memory games, multiplication memory games, and addition memory games with Tux which is currently under review by the mentors.

I really love the way I am working under the guidance of all of my mentors. Hope to have more fun ahead as the coding period proceed!!

Deepak Kumar