Season of KDE Final Report, 2020

Written on March 25, 2020 - Tech - Post a comment below

SoK ended finally on 17th February 2020. I am happy to share that I have completed the project “Add multiple datasets to several activities” and passed the final evaluation!!!

I was left with some work to complete as:

  1. To implement multiple datasets to balance scale with ounce.
  2. Test the activities on a different platform.

As now I have implemented datasets to all of the activities as mentioned in my proposal.


As these activities teach the child arthmetic operations by balancing the scales using pounds or ounce. So, I have added the datasets with five different configurations.


What after SoK ???

The day I started contributing to this project I have faced a lot of difficulty in the beginning as this was one of my first open source to which I have contributed. But now I am familiar with all of the concepts, principles, and codebase of GCompris. I am looking forward to adding multiple datasets to other activities and add a new activity “Garbage Recycle” to GCompris.

Once again a big thanks to all of my mentors Johnny, Emmanuel, Timothee for all of their help and support. I would also like to thanks the KDE community for conducting such a great program every year.

Deepak Kumar !!!